I just had a review rejected.

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Tammy White Tammy White 09/07/2016 17:09
When I clicked on the link to find out what might be the problem, all the info was the same on what to put in a review and what not to put. But right in the middle it says, "who may post a review", now this part is the only new part of that, it says now, "A customer that must spend at least $5.00 using a valid credit or debit. Prime subscriptions and promotional discounts don't quality toward the $5.00 mininum. I never saw this at all before. Is it new? Can you please help?? I didn't pay that much for any of the things I have left to review or coming in the mail.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/07/2016 23:44
Dear Tammy, After carefully reviewing Amazon Customer Review Creation Guidelines again, we have determined that the $5 minimum requirement is not related to Prime subscriptions and promotional discounts. The sentence structure is a bit unclear, so it can be interpreted differently. In that article ( https://goo.gl/h0ZjXP), paragraph: WHY WAS MY REVIEW REJECTED OR REMOVED?, it is stated: Paid Reviews – We do not permit reviews or votes on the helpfulness of reviews that are posted in exchange for compensation of any kind, including payment (whether in the form of money or gift certificates), bonus content, entry to a contest or sweepstakes, discounts on future purchases, extra product, or other gifts. The sole exception to this rule is when a free or discounted copy of a physical product is provided to a customer up front. In this case, if you offer a free or discounted product in exchange for a review, you must clearly state that you welcome both positive and negative feedback. If you receive a free or discounted product in exchange for your review, you must clearly and conspicuously disclose that fact. Reviews from the Amazon Vine program are already labeled, so additional disclosure is not necessary. So, as long as you DISCLOSE your review, everything should be OK. Many Amazon users have complained that these guidelines are a bit obscure or wage and that it is a bit difficult to understand what is allowed. As far as your missing review, you need to contact Amazon to check why it was removed. In the meantime, contact the Business and explain your review has been removed from Amazon and offer social media in exchange. Inform us about what was decided and we will see how to proceed. Kind regards, Miranda.
Tammy White Tammy White 09/08/2016 03:47
I just finished an online chat with Amazon. They had no idea why the review was rejected as they could not see any rules broken or anything I might have left out. I always put this exactly at the end of every review " **I was provided this at item at a discount in exchange for providing a honest and unbiased review, the review is my own opinions and is influenced by no one in this company or associated with this company" (the lady at Amazon told me she liked that I put the disclaimer at the very end, (not hidden in the middle) and she really approved of the " ** " astrisk at the beginning. She said it helps the disclaimer stand out. So I got an approval from Amazon on the review and she said she would request the review be released today. I will let you know. I did go ahead and post the review to all my social media and informed the company.
Tammy White Tammy White 09/08/2016 04:04
Also you may have this link but she gave me this to use in case I ever have a review removed and it is not approved to be put back up after contacting an Amazon Rep. review-appeals@amazon.com She said to explain the situation and someone at this email address will actually read the review and help figure out the problem.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/08/2016 04:17
Dear Tammy, glad to hear you got everything straightened out with them. Thank you for the e-mail address. We'll be in touch. Kind regards, Miranda.

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