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Amanda Schwantes Amanda Schwantes 09/06/2016 19:56
I wanted to start a thread in regards to the anti-couponing "trolls" on amazon. These people purposely go thru and down vote reviews, not based on their merit, but simply because the item was received at a discount. I have several of these on my own reviews. In order to counteract these negative people, I would like to start a "helpful vote" rally. If you see a review that is thorough and well written, please remember to "helpful" vote it. I am sure you all put as much time and thought into your reviews as I do. It's nice to get some positive reinforcement for all of your hard work. I hope the "helpful" votes I leave are brighten someone's day.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/07/2016 00:13
Dear Amanda, such a terrific idea! We at Giveaway Service support your initiative and encourage all our users to remember to "helpful" vote a review if they like it and find it useful. Good luck! Kind regards, Miranda, Giveaway Service Rep.
Tammy White Tammy White 09/07/2016 06:33
I am all for that too! Great encouraging idea for everyone. I personally have not had a negative vote yet, I don't believe so anyway, but the positive votes are a good idea anyway! :)
Tammy White Tammy White 09/07/2016 06:40
To kick it off I gave you thumbs up and posted a comment to your Opps pendant review, hope that brightened your day dear! Tammy W.
Amanda Schwantes Amanda Schwantes 09/07/2016 06:46
Thanks Tammy, When I posted this I didn't even know it was linked to my own public profile. haha. You are too kind. I will definitely pay it forward on a review of yours, I feel is helpful!! When I post my reviews I like to look at other people's reviews first and gauge the information they have already given and respond in my review if I had a different encounter with the product. When doing this I also hit "like" on reviews I find informative and well written.
Tammy White Tammy White 09/07/2016 06:57
I do the same! sometimes I lose track of time just reading reviews. I honestly learned so much from other people that way. I feel like my reviews are better today because of the great reviewers I discovered on Amazon. GiveAway is a great place too! Very good reviewers on here. If you have any more ideas, I am always receptive!
Amanda Schwantes Amanda Schwantes 09/09/2016 15:45
I hope this is ok to post this link... I have no connection to the person that wrote this review, nor do I know if they are a member of this community. However, this illustrates my point exactly...... Whomever gave this review a negative vote, was obviously an anti-couponer. These people even took the time to split up the pens and divide them by colors and make a graph. Exactly how much more thorough on a gel pen review can you get?? Feel free to go and give them a "helpful" vote if you see fit.
Karly Beck Karly Beck 09/22/2016 16:58
Whenever I see a review that has impacted my decision to buy something or not I try to give thanks. I think of it as if I was meeting someone in a shopping aisle. I try to be gracious in life,both online and off. I did go and read the markers review. Talk about a great review! I gave it a thumbs up. Supporting members of this community is a great idea.
Amanda Schwantes Amanda Schwantes 09/22/2016 17:49
Karly, I LOVE your review on the safe!! haha!! I try to ad a little humor to my reviews sometimes too, depends on how late at night I am writing the reviews ;)
Karly Beck Karly Beck 09/23/2016 05:40
Thanks for taking the time to read it. I have to keep humor in my life, or it gets too serious. :)
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/23/2016 05:58
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