How to search promotion by country?

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Xi Chen Xi Chen 08/20/2016 19:26
I'm Canadian and I know there's Amazon Canada promotions on here (I've found some) but I don't know how to filter it for Amazon Canada.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 08/21/2016 00:56
Hi Xi, currently there is no search for promotions by country. We advise all our promoters to set a Location Prerequisite and make it transparent, so authors from different countries would know whether to apply or not. Some forget to set it. Since you live in Canada and most of the promotions are for the USA authors, we advise you to send a message to the business for which promotion you apply for and ask them not to approve you if the product cannot be shipped to Canada. This is how you can avoid any issues. Go to "My reviews" page and click on "Send message" button. This is how you can contact the business directly and ask if they can ship to Canada. Kind Regards, Paul.

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