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Tammy White Tammy White 08/17/2016 18:26
I have noticed some of my reviews have this, "verified purchase" on it and some do not, I know all about it but there is just one thing .... On Amazon when I went to read about it, it said check the items as a verified purchase myself and if they can verify it as purchased it will appear that way on my review. Big Problem: There is NEVER a box or place to check it as a verified purchase when I am doing the review or even afterwards it says you can do it as you go back to edit the review. It just is not there. Help!! Because one of my sellers has asked me in particular to make sure their review says, "verified purchase".
Paul Blum Paul Blum 08/17/2016 23:52
Dear Tammy, when a product review is marked "Amazon Verified Purchase," it means that the customer who wrote the review purchased the item at All reviews are written based or real experience with the product: As you can see, authors can make their review verified: /How can I make my review an "Amazon Verified Purchase"? When you write a new review, you will be given the opportunity to mark your review as an Amazon Verified Purchase. If the checkbox doesn't appear, we were unable to verify you purchased the item at Amazon. If you wrote a review for an item you purchased at Amazon previously and would like to mark it as an Amazon Verified Purchase, simply edit your existing review and the Amazon Verified Purchase checkbox should appear. After checking the box and saving your review, your review will immediately be marked as an Amazon Verified Purchase. You can also opt to mark all of your past reviews for products purchased at Amazon as Amazon Verified Purchase reviews using the corresponding checkbox during review editing or creation./ Kind regards, Miranda.
Tammy White Tammy White 08/19/2016 08:28
Thanks, Miranda. But the box never appears for me ti check it.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 08/20/2016 02:12
Dear Tammy, please send a message to the business and explain it. I am sure that they will understand. Kind regards, Miranda.
Tammy White Tammy White 08/25/2016 15:28
Yes I did. I still would like Amazon to fix this on my account since most of the items I do pay at least $1.99 for, (sometimes more). So that is a verified purchase. Not a free item. But I noticed some authors have verified purchase on all their reviews and It is only on a few of mine. It is bothering me since I pay for the items, even if it is discounted. Thank you sincerely, Tammy
Paul Blum Paul Blum 08/26/2016 00:52
Dear Tammy, my advice is to contact Amazon regarding your issue, I think they can help you better on this matter. Best Regards Paul.

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