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Bridgette Mahmood Bridgette Mahmood 08/11/2016 22:19
I have done quite a few reviews but the companies are not giving me a rating. Why is that? Also, can I change the rating I have already gave to a company? I got 9 stars out of 10 because I rated a product as average. So they rated me a 9. and all my other ratings are a 10. Doesn't seem fair to me.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 08/11/2016 23:23
Dear Bridgette, you can send messages to businesses you have cooperated with and kindly ask them to rate you. Go to “My Reviews” page and click on “Send message” button you can see on the right from the promotion. You can read detailed instructions about rating here: https://www.giveawayservice.com/blog/how-to-rate-businesses-authors-. You can change the rating you gave and if you want them to change the rating they gave you, you can contact them, as well. Kind regards, Miranda, Giveaway Service Rep.

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