Allow reviewers (and perhaps companies too) to highlight (bold) certain ratings.

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Andrew Wallenstein Andrew Wallenstein 08/08/2016 13:57
I now have a fair amount of reviews, completed by companies, on my profile. I expect a lot of reviewers do. I imagine companies looking at my profile when trying to decide whether or not to approve me for a certain promotion, are generally not reading them all. It would be great if we were able to highlight in some way--bold, or a different color--some of our favorite reviews that have been written about us. All the reviews would still be visible to companies, but they might be more likely to read the highlighted ones. The same feature could be added for companies, so that if they so wish, they could highlight the reviews written about them as well. This shouldn't be too hard to implement. When we view our own profile page, there could just be a check box next to each review we have received that allows for indicating that we want to highlight that particular review. Thanks in advance for considering this suggestion.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 08/08/2016 23:48
Dear Andrew, I will forward your idea to our managers. Thank you for your suggestion. Good luck with promotions in the future. Kind regards, Miranda.

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