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Tammy White Tammy White 08/04/2016 23:22
I have noticed that sometimes it does not have "verified purchase" on my reviews. I looked up how to correct that but there is no button to click on on the listings on my profile page at Amazon or anywhere else that I can find. Since I did pay for these items I really would like to have this corrected. Do you know how? Thank you so much for all your help. I know I have posted a dozen cries for help over the past 2 day. But now my Amazon reviews are showing up again so things will get better. Sorry and thanks, Tammy W. here is an example
Paul Blum Paul Blum 08/04/2016 23:25
Dear Tammy, I think you do not need to correct that. When a product review is marked "Amazon Verified Purchase," it means that the customer who wrote the review purchased the item at All reviews are written based or real experience with the product: As you can see, authors can make their review verified. After purchase, they will be given the opportunity to mark their review as an Amazon Verified Purchase. Is that OK? Kind regards, Miranda.

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