Delete an item please.

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Tammy White Tammy White 08/04/2016 22:45
Can you please remove this shampoo posted from instagram on the pre treatment page. I was reviewing both products that go together and since they are all most identical I got this on the wrong page. So sorry. Thanks, Tammy W. Reference ID: w1j6a7u3
Paul Blum Paul Blum 08/04/2016 23:30
Dear Tammy, I have removed your Instagram post from For future reference, I kindly ask you to send me a link of the promotion in question in order to avoid any mistakes regarding removal. There are some promotions under the same or very similar name, so the correct URL would be of great help. Thank you. Lots of luck with future promotions. Kind regards, Miranda.
Tammy White Tammy White 08/05/2016 20:40
Of course Miranda! My mistake, I will do this.

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