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Tammy White Tammy White 08/04/2016 11:45
I have several items that codes were not issued for after I was approved. This is the first one Reference ID: o8h5z0y4 I am doing research in my listings to find them all and will submit them as I discover them. My rating dropped to 86% today because of these things, (that and a couple reviews Amazon has got stuck somewhere in their system) I am devastated by the drop in ratings. I am making a list of all them problem promotions and will consult with you later today for advice. Also the just sometimes hold a review for a few days before posting it or remove the pictures, ( some or all). I am very disheartened with Amazon right now. I been a member for over 2 years and now they are just being very hard to deal with. I am trying to discover exactly which promo made my rating drop so I can contract the seller and explain. Thanks for any advice or help. Tammy W.
Tammy White Tammy White 08/04/2016 23:25
My reviews are showing up again on Amazon just fine. Still need to be removed from the promotions I have listed in all my messages last night. Thanks so much for all you do!
Paul Blum Paul Blum 08/05/2016 00:24
Dear Tammy, You have been removed from the promotions in question, as requested. Your verification percentage is 100% now. Lots of luck with future promotions. Thank you for using our services. Kind regards, Miranda.
Tammy White Tammy White 08/05/2016 20:37
You are wonderful, Miranda! I know I could not do this without you. I depend on you 100%. Deepest gratitude, Tammy W.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 08/06/2016 00:18
You're welcome, Tammy. Have a nice weekend. Miranda.

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