Sellers not rating authors

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Delete Account Delete Account 06/28/2016 11:13
I have noticed that none of the sellers I have worked with are giving ratings in return for ratings. I realize that it is optional for us to rate them and for them to rate us. I do not think it is fair for the sellers to be given ratings when they are not making the effort to do so in return.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 06/29/2016 00:28
Dear Lindsey, as we have replied to your comment on the blog post about rating procedure, you can send messages to businesses you have cooperated with and kindly ask them to rate you. Go to “My Reviews” page and click on “Send message” button you can see on the right from the promotion. We will make sure businesses are informed again how much rating is important. Kind regards, Miranda, Giveaway Service Rep.
Delete Account Delete Account 06/30/2016 17:52
Thank you for your reply. I have emailed the sellers and have been ignored. Perhaps a change in policy would help. Thanks for your efforts. Lindsey
Paul Blum Paul Blum 06/30/2016 23:20
Dear Lindsey, I will forward your idea to our Manager. Kind regards, Miranda.

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