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Lisa West Evans Lisa West Evans 05/11/2016 09:21
Im not sure if I've been doing this correctly. I have two problems. One is my timeframe for responding is really low. It is mostly (I think) because I didn't respond to one I didn't see. I never ordered the product, so I didn't write a review, although it's asking me to do so. I want to know if I can edit that somehow. Also, how do I get rid of those items on my review board so I don't have to keep seeing them. I pressed "archive", and I am sure it did, but I want it to go away, so I can have a clean page to look at, and not keep checking if I did everything again. Second big question... Facebook accounts. Are we supposed to be using our own Facebook accounts, as in the one I have had for forever, or are we supposed to open a new account. If so, it seems like it would make more sense. I don't really want my Facebook that I have now that is mostly family communication to be a review board. If we can, how would you suggest going into it. I did read the post you had on Facebook, but want to make sure Im getting this right. I didn't see a place that explains how everything is set up here, though most is obvious, I want to make sure Im doing this right. Sorry I wrote a book.... :)

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