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Ticiana Larocca Ticiana Larocca 04/28/2016 06:21
Hi, I wish there is a way that I can search the authors name on the Manage Authors Promotion Page. For example I have 50 approved authors and I need to mark that I have shipped the product to 25 authors I have to go through all the 50 approved authors when looking for a specific author. If I am lucky I will see it right away. If I am not lucky I will not even see the name. But if there is a search button on the page, I will just search for the name and I can easily mark that I have shipped the products to the author/s. Thank you. Jovi-Orblue Team
Paul Blum Paul Blum 04/28/2016 06:27
Hello, we will take your idea into consideration. In the meantime, we can suggest searching for authors by clicking Ctrl+F and typing the name into search box. In case authors are shown in more than one page, you might need to repeat this process on each page until finding the author. Ctrl+F is a way to find words on a page. Hope this helps you for now. We will forward your idea to our developers. Kind regards, Miranda.

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