Problems with Amazon with reviews

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Cindi RiosLobo Cindi RiosLobo 04/17/2016 17:13
I've had a couple not get posted on Amazon. They say that I am to close to the companies (i don't work for any of them or even heard of most of them before trying their products) I just had one not get approved, they won't EVER let you re-review that product. What do we do in that situation? I tried the product and liked it, and wanted to make sure they get a review.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 04/18/2016 00:05
Hello, Cindi. We advise you to contact Amazon Support regarding this issue, because we cannot influence their decisions. Try contacting them and provide a detailed explanation with all accurate information. If they do not want to approve your reviews, contact us and we will notify the business for which product you were not able to post the review. We'll be in touch. Kind regards, Miranda, Giveaway service Rep.

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