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Tashia Asher Tashia Asher 04/05/2016 03:23
Are the companies able to still rank me after I have archived promotion in my "reviews" section?
Paul Blum Paul Blum 04/05/2016 04:05
Hello, Tashia. The companies will be able to rate you even after archiving the promotions. Kind regards, Miranda, Giveaway Service Rep.
Ruby Bowen Ruby Bowen 04/06/2016 17:34
Are companies encouraged to leave a rating for us? I completed two promotions a week ago and have not been rated.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 04/06/2016 23:37
Hello, Ruby. The businesses are encouraged to rate authors. If you want to, you can send a direct message to businesses in question and kindly ask them to rate you. Go to “My Reviews” page and click on “Send message” button you can see on the right from the promotion you were approved for. This is how you can contact the business directly and ask them to rate you. Kind regards, Miranda.

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