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Kacey Bianco Kacey Bianco 03/18/2016 12:53
I got approved for Mens Performance Mountain Bike Shorts Liner Padded Promotion on 02/03/2016. And i received this message: Product has been sent to you on 02/03/2016. Product has been sent via carrier Amazon Logistics. Tracking code is 43AJ-Y5A5TK-7VAWQJ. Final review verification date is 03/04/2016. But i never received the product and would like to opt out of it.
Irene Rozp Irene Rozp 03/18/2016 14:25
Usually when that message shows up it means that it is the coupon code you are suppose to use when purchasing the product on amazon. But by now it has probably been expired.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 03/19/2016 02:20
Dear Kacey, I have removed you from this promotion. Best Regards, Paul

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