Entering Blog ID

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Star Stacked Star Stacked 01/28/2016 18:32
Hello, I've been trying to link my website to my account. When trying to verify the website, I'm asked to copy and submit the blog reference ID. Where do I add the ID number? I'm at a total loss here...
Paul Blum Paul Blum 01/28/2016 23:51
Hello, Please follow simple steps to verify your blog. 1) Please go to My Blogs page: https://www.giveawayservice.com/account/blogs and click Verify button. 2) Create one blog post, and enter the reference code displayed on Verify blog page (somewhere in post on you blog). 3) On Verify Blog page enter the URL address of new post you've created, and submit the form. If you are having problems verifying the post, please send us post url (where you've entered the Reference ID code) and I will verify it for you. Best Regards, Paul

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