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Kacey Bianco Kacey Bianco 01/26/2016 16:14
For my blog, (Im on blogspot and on weebly) where do i enter in my reference ID?
Paul Blum Paul Blum 01/26/2016 23:49
Dear Kacey, You need to enter Reference ID in the content of the home page of your blog. If you have any more questions regarding this issue please contact us. Best Regards, Paul
Caryn Carez Caryn Carez 02/20/2016 19:33
Where is that? I think enough people are having this issue that maybe someone can do a post about where to find the place to put your Reference ID
Kacey Bianco Kacey Bianco 02/20/2016 19:41
All you have to do is when you write a blog post. Either add it into the text of your blog or into the html part. It just has to be in there somewhere.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 02/21/2016 00:09
Dear Caryn, We will create blog post tomorrow and I will share the link. Paul

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