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Jennifer Coleman Jennifer Coleman 01/24/2016 12:13
Hello. I am unable to link my Instagram account and need help please. As far as linking my Facebook account, I do not mind linking my personal Facebook account but I do not want to have the pages I manage linked to giveaway service. I run social media for two different businesses (day job) and they are linked to my personal accounts. I am unable to link up giveaway service without linking the business accounts? I don't think this is right and do not want my day job effected because I choose to review items on my personal time. I am afraid things will or could be posted to the business accounts I manage. Please advise how to work around this.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 01/25/2016 03:18
Dear Jennifer, After you connect Facebook, you should see a popup window (in you have pages) where you can choose which one you want to connect. But on My Social Account page (after you connect Facebook) you can disconnect Facebook page and leave only personal profile if you want. Now we see it will be much easier for authors if we add one checkbox in the first popup window and allow you there to connect only personal profile. I will add this to our list of features planned for the next release. Paul
Jennifer Coleman Jennifer Coleman 01/26/2016 16:00
Thank You, Paul!

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