Do you have to complete ALL Tasks or just one Task?

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Cynthia Gardner Cynthia Gardner 01/24/2016 09:28
Do you have to complete ALL tasks or just one task? For example, can I just write a review on Amazon and not on Facebook, Instamgram, etc.?
Paul Blum Paul Blum 01/25/2016 00:04
Dear Cynthia, You have to complete all the tasks that are defined for the promotion. It is very important to apply only for those promotions that you feel comfortable dealing with. Uncompleted tasks affects your verification percentage. Author's verification percentage is the percent of tasks completed and verified within 30 days of a product being shipped. For example, 80% verification means the author has completed 8 out of 10 reviews within 30 days of the product being shipped to him. Our recommendation for a business is that they choose an author with verification percentage of 80% or higher. If you have any more questions regarding this issue, please feel free to contact us. Best Regards, Paul

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