Unsure if I should be completing tasks before being picked for product promotion

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Kathryn Crowers Kathryn Crowers 01/20/2016 19:18
I am unsure of how the tasks work, I know that you have to write a review on amazon after you receive the product. So far I have not been picked for any promotions, and I am unsure if it is because of incomplete tasks relating to social media. Some tasks mention are to post on instagram and or facebook, should I be promoting the product before I receive it?
Paul Blum Paul Blum 01/20/2016 23:47
Dear Kathryn, You should not promote products before review. Only when you get approved for the promotion, you should do tasks from the task list defined by promotion owner. You have to be patient and keep applying for the promotions. If you have any more questions about this issue please feel free to contact us. Best Regards, Paul

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