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Misty Lee Misty Lee 12/17/2015 10:31
I am so sick of companies charging their so called 1% when in reality it's like 10%. How can we alert Giveaway Service when this occurs? When you review as much as I do, a$ here or there can add up fast. But $3 or $10 when the product is like $20 that's NOT 99% off! I would not apply to these promotions if the seller would just be open and honest about charging money for the items. Why waste everybody's time by being so sneaky about it? Just put the price in when listing it. And why do some sellers only list a review on Amazon as the only task then when they contact you they add Twitter, FB and other social accounts? I am not doing many reviews from here because the sellers are not following the rules! Why is it so hard for them to be honest when they list things? They wouldn't have to come on here and ask how to remove reviewers/authors from promotions if they would list everything upfront! Like seriously stop wasting everybody's time with this nonsense. List the actual out of pocket price for the reviewer and ALL the tasks required to be approved.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 12/18/2015 03:55
Dear Misty Lee, First and foremost when company is trying to charge you for their products more then it has stated in the promotion information you have to report them to us. Then we can take actions against those companies. It is very important to work together as a community. Everyone helps police the website to keep people honest. Please send us names of the businesses who have violated our ToS. Best Regards, Paul

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