I can not connect my facebook account.

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Nichol Tone Nichol Tone 12/03/2015 15:26
When I press connect at the top it says that it is connected but there is no place for me to submit my review. Please help
Paul Blum Paul Blum 12/04/2015 01:23
Dear Nichol, Please try to connect your Facebook account once more on your social accounts page. If you have more issues regarding this problem please contact us. Best Regards, Paul
Nichol Tone Nichol Tone 12/08/2015 07:49
I still can not connect my Facebook
Paul Blum Paul Blum 12/10/2015 01:17
Dear Nichol, We are very sorry for the inconvenience. We are currently working on this issue. We will keep you posted. Best Regards, Paul
Nenad Beric Nenad Beric 12/14/2015 07:15
Dear Nichol, We have fixed Facebook issue this Saturday. Please try to reconnect Facebook account. Best Regards, Paul
Nichol Tone Nichol Tone 12/15/2015 07:00
Thanks. It finally worked

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