Getting started?

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Anne Newman Anne Newman 11/17/2015 11:35
How does one get started with this? I signed up for an account and have requested promotions, but dates have passed and nothing has happened. I understand that companies would rather deal with someone who has proven they will follow through, but how can I show I will follow through if none of my requested promotions go through? Is there something else I'm supposed to do?
Amy Baughman Amy Baughman 11/17/2015 12:28
Good luck. I'm a member of another group and I rarely get rejected for deals. So far I've been a member here for months with no luck and zero promotion approvals. I've seen that the sellers are looking for top bloggers and Amazon posters. I'm heading up on Amazon every day in review status. Already, from this other group I've had 1/2 a dozen sellers contact me directly as s reviewer. Today I had someone offer me a dozen things to review privately. They like my style of review and the amount of helpful I get on Amazon. I wish more sellers here would give us all a chance. Shortly I won't need to belong to a group. Which was my goal from the beginning. So, have a blog and be well connected socially (in the high thousands for followers) and be a top reviewer on Amazon and you should be great
Paul Blum Paul Blum 11/18/2015 00:55
Dear Anne, In order to get trust of businesses as author you should fill your Profile Details and Social Accounts as much as you can. Add a high-res cover photo. Good photo tells lot about yourself. Share information of your blogs and social activities. Connect your social accounts with your Social Account page. Best Regards, Paul.

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