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Li Yue Li Yue 11/12/2015 18:07
I have been approved to get a product for review on 11/04/2015, the I was received a coupon code on 11/04/2015. One week late, I wanted to use the code to buy it, but it showed that the code is invalid. What I need to do for this?
Paul Blum Paul Blum 11/13/2015 00:36
Dear Li, You have two options. First you can contact the business and ask them to send a new coupon code. Second one is to ask us to remove you from that promotion. You should know that coupon code can expire, so you should not wait for a week before using it. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information. Best Regards, Paul
Li Yue Li Yue 11/13/2015 05:01
This is my first time to review a product through Giveaway service. I received an email to remind me that I have a new message at the first time, so I thought I could get a new email to remind me when the seller sent me a coupon code. I just saw "The business has shipped product on 11/04/2015", but I did not realize that I need to check the message. I will contact the seller, if he cannot give me a new code, I will ask you to remove me from the promotion.
Li Yue Li Yue 11/14/2015 09:53
I contacted the seller yesterday morning, but I have not received any reply. I want you to remove me from this promotion (RFID Blocking Travel Wallet & Document Holder With Neck Strap By Traveler Promotion).
Paul Blum Paul Blum 11/16/2015 03:36
Dear Li, We have removed you from that promotion. Best Regards, Paul

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