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Ivan Lu Ivan Lu 10/27/2015 01:20
I am new on giveawayservice, I would like to know how authors can get our product. I mean, do I need to give them code throuh the message, and then they will buy it with the code on Amazon? What is the whole processure of it? By the way, once the promotion is approved, it can not be edited anymore?
Paul Blum Paul Blum 10/27/2015 03:17
Dear Ivan, You need to create one time coupon codes at Amazon, then you can use our messaging system and send those coupon codes to selected authors. Once the promotion is approved it can only be edited by our Customer Service. In practice if you would like to edit promotion data send us a request. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information. Best Regards, Paul
Ivan Lu Ivan Lu 10/27/2015 17:57
Thanks Paul. Nice person! I have another question, for the applied authors who I do not want to select, do I have to click the reject button, or can I just leave them alone?
Paul Blum Paul Blum 10/28/2015 04:48
Dear Ivan, It is better for author if you reject him. Best Regards, Paul

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