Different request than what was advertised for product review

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Karen Nelson Karen Nelson 10/16/2015 18:10
Hello. I applied for a promotion that had the requirement of just an Amazon review. I got a message from the seller that they received an overwhelming response, but I was yet selected to receive the product with stipulations. One was to post on the Amazon product page with photo or video, which I was prepared for with applying. Then it said that in order to accept, I was to share/repost the review on your blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter too. I looked back at the item and it only states an Amazon review. Anyone run into this before? Can sellers up requirements after saying they accepted you upon new terms?
Paul Blum Paul Blum 10/20/2015 03:48
Dear Karen, The businesses should not change their requirements. The author should not do anything other then what is asked in the promotion text. You can always report us that kind (or any other) of author misbehavior. Best Regards, Paul

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