Review with photo not showing up

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Michelle Millsap Michelle Millsap 10/14/2015 12:58
When I post a review on Amazon, I normally get the email in a couple of minutes from Amazon thanking me for my review & I can see the review on my profile. I posted one today with a picture. I have never put pictures in my reviews before, but decided it was a good idea to start. I haven't received the email from Amazon & the review isn't showing in my profile. It has been about 2 hours. When I go to the product page & hit review the item, it shows me that I rated it 5 stars but doesn't show the review. Should I be concerned, or does it take longer for reviews with photos to show up?
Michelle Millsap Michelle Millsap 10/14/2015 15:50
Never mind. It posted.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 10/14/2015 23:59
Dear Michalle, This question is for Amazon support. If this issue happens again you should contact Amazon support. Best Regards, Paul

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