Companies who will not remove requests

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Julie Guthrie Julie Guthrie 10/09/2015 20:52
There are several companies who have sent me approval messages for products that the codes do not work. Also a company who sent me a request for a product that costs full price no discount at all for me to review. I have messaged each of the companies none have responded back nor removed the approved request. We can only have 20 approved products at once so how can I get them removed so I'm open for other products. I review items that I purchase myself but on this site sellers are asking us to review their products in exchange for the item being free or heavily discounted. I'm not interested in paying full price nor should companies expect me to. I take a lot of time testing products that I receive, writing reviews, posting pictures/videos and sharing them on my Social Media & Blog. Can someone help me?
Paul Blum Paul Blum 10/13/2015 00:39
Dear Julie, As you have written you should not pay full price for the product. The products must be free of charge or heavily discounted. Please send us the names of promotions and we will remove you from them. Best Regards, Paul

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