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Keely Hostetter Keely Hostetter 10/08/2015 04:12
So I have had two messages this week with sellers asking me to order and review their product. I responded right away asking for the information to order the item: link to item and code. Neither have gotten back to me. Does it take them a long time or do sellers reach out and then not send the codes? How long do I wait? I don't even know what the products are because they don't mention it in their message. I have applied for several so I can't figure out who they are. Just trying to understand how this works.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 10/09/2015 03:39
Dear Keely, Please give businesses five more working days to answer on your questions. Meanwhile you can try to figure out for what promotions you have applied and relate conversations with them. If nothing happens after that period, you can send us your conversations and we can try to figure out for you. It is good idea to have information about what promotion conversations are, we will think about that :) Best Regards, Paul
Keely Hostetter Keely Hostetter 10/09/2015 03:50
Ok, thanks. The seller said this is his second time running the promo and asked if I participated in the first one. All I had was his name and I checked the promos I applied for to see if his name was on any of them and it wasn't. So with only that information I have no idea what he is offering. I guess I will wait another week to see if he responds, thanks.

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