Do I need to let Amazon reviewers know they need to disclose they got the product for free?

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Tad Stephens Tad Stephens 03/12/2015 11:27
Hi, this is my first promotion and I forgot to mention in the promotion about Amazon reviewers disclosing they got the product for free to do the review. Do I need to do this or is that just a given that they will disclose they didn't pay for the product? Thanks...
Paul Blum Paul Blum 03/15/2015 11:01
Hi Tad. Most authors are using the same disclosure on all their reviews. You do not have to specify that.
Sandra Robinov Sandra Robinov 03/25/2015 05:01
Hi Tad, From a blogger's perspective, here's what I do...Blog post: disclosure (at the top, it's there for all my posts so I can drop links wherever and not forget to disclose). I also put Giveaway Service's standard disclosure at the bottom of my review posts. It's clear, concise, and has the code needed for the post to be verified. For posts to our site and shares to social media, we do have to disclose, by law. RE: Amazon - I leave a trusted review for all products, free or not, and with sponsored (free product) reviews - simply use the hashtag provided, to differentiate. Amazon is finicky about reviews for free product and because I am not linking to my site, I don't have to disclose that I received it for free. I'm merely an Amazon shopper giving a review... If I didn't like a product (paid or not), I don't review; I discuss the issues privately with the seller. Hope this helps ease the worry of reminding us; I think most of us know how to do it. :) Cheers,Sandra Lynn
Sandra Robinov Sandra Robinov 03/25/2015 05:16
UPDATE * Apparently we DO have to disclose at Amazon. I double checked to be sure and stand corrected. I was actually confused by the wording of it in regard to paid promotions, which is different from free product reviews. So thank you for bringing this up, because it's a bit confusing at first - going forward I will make sure to do it properly. Cheers! :)
Joe Johnson Joe Johnson 04/21/2015 11:49
I was just scolded by a company I placed a review on my person blog and Amazon for mentioning that I received their product to review. Please let companies you are working with that to follow FTC rules a mention like this must be included.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 04/21/2015 13:05
Tim, all businesses know that you have to follow disclosure guidelines. If they give you negative rating we will remove it and we will send them a warning.
Judah Bergman Judah Bergman 05/17/2015 21:01
As a business selling on Amazon, I want my reviewers to write a proper disclosure: A) Because it is the honest way B) It is the legal way C) Amazon will remove reviews that don't have the proper disclosure, making the giveaway kind of pointless.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 05/17/2015 21:58
Hi Judah, you can always ask author to provide a proper disclosure. Our suggested disclosure is: "Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers." but they can write their own. We can not force anyone to write it.

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