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Linda Baker Linda Baker 05/03/2016 01:44 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
Forpow LED Desk Light Rechargeable Touch Control,3 Lighting Mode Promotion  This company is asking me to do a review before i receive the product- I told them that I couldn't so now they won't approve me. Isn't this against policy
Dumitru Timotin Dumitru Timotin 05/02/2016 18:13 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Review promotion  What should I do if a person has not left a comment on my promotion Thank you
Sabrina Liu Sabrina Liu 05/02/2016 20:02 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
How to publish give away  Hi, I would like to take part in give away, how could I? and need I to pay for that
Dawn Loughner Dawn Loughner 04/28/2016 14:01 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
How do I know if I'm accepted to review a product?  I registered through my facebook account and nowhere did it ask me for an email address. I don't see where to even add my email address so how will I get notified
Ticiana Larocca Ticiana Larocca 04/28/2016 06:21 Implemented Public 2 comments Read more
Search button  Hi, I wish there is a way that I can search the authors name on the Manage Authors Promotion Page. For example I have 50 approved authors and I need to mark that I have shipped the product to 25 authors I have to go through all the 50 approved authors when looking for a specific…
Ticiana Larocca Ticiana Larocca 04/28/2016 06:16 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Completed tasks  Hi, I have 3 authors who sent me a message and said that they have completed a task. Where can I see their competed tasks. Please help me
John-Haydee Bazazian John-Haydee Bazazian 04/23/2016 06:56 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Verification Percentage  How do you get to 100%? I only have 72.73
Valenchia Hershberger Valenchia Hershberger 04/22/2016 19:06 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Reviews on Facebook  Can someone please explain how to leave a review on Facebook? What am I supposed to copy over onto Giveaway Service to get credit? Thank you
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher 04/20/2016 13:38 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Wrong link entered  Blond moment. I entered wrong amazon link in wrong promo. could you please delete amazon review link for promo : i7a0s8i2 please and thank you
Chelle Ramon Chelle Ramon 04/20/2016 01:27 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Promotion code not used  I have several promotion codes that I didn't use and they are showing up that I need to verify I completed the tasks. I've asked the companies of these products to please put I opted out, but have not received any response at all from them. It's making my score go down since…
Irene Rozp Irene Rozp 03/08/2016 18:12 Answered Public 5 comments Read more
Unable to submit instagram url  Hello do you know why i am unable to submit istagram urls lately this message keeps popping up "There was an error. Please enter valid Instagram media URL address (e.g." this is the url i was trying to submit…
Linda Baker Linda Baker 04/18/2016 13:45 Answered Public 4 comments Read more
Damaged item  An item I ordered came damaged, the box it came in was completely smashed and there is powder all over my living room floor. What should i do about this
Cindi RiosLobo Cindi RiosLobo 04/17/2016 17:13 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Problems with Amazon with reviews  I've had a couple not get posted on Amazon. They say that I am to close to the companies (i don't work for any of them or even heard of most of them before trying their products) I just had one not get approved, they won't EVER let you re-review that product. What…
Debbie Mcdonald Debbie Mcdonald 04/17/2016 12:42 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Expired Promotions  Why are there so many expired promotions listed? Why aren't the expired promos removed
Bao Zhi Bao Zhi 04/16/2016 01:47 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Post a Deal  How can post mu product on this site
Decoration Tool Set By Fondant Cake Cutter Mold  I have attempted many time to let Boom Shop know the code they sent out was not valid.. I don't want to lose points or write a fake review for a product I never received or tried.. What do I do now?? I sent messages 4/11-4/13
Risa Hath Risa Hath 04/12/2016 06:49 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Waiting for response either way..  I signed up successfully and picked a few promotions to try, but now it has been a over a week and I have not heard anything. Just want to be clear, if they approve my request will they send an email to me directly? Also, if I am not approved I am assuming they will…
Linda Baker Linda Baker 04/10/2016 05:06 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
SleepBoost Promotion  I was unable to get this order done, i contacted the company but am still on the promo, could you please remove me? Thank you in advance
Karen Nelson Karen Nelson 04/07/2016 05:44 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Possible to be removed from promotion?  Hello. I was accepted for the Norcho Anti Slip Safety Bath Mat For Bathtub Bathroom Promotion. The seller gave me a promo to redeem, but the product was out of stock. They told me to check back later and then the promo code was expired. The last I heard is that…
Jessica Stuart Jessica Stuart 04/06/2016 20:54 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Standard shipping times  I was approved yesterday for the Mountain Air oil promotion and the seller does not offer prime shipping. Before I purchased I noticed my receipt date of the merchandise was estimated to be April 26- May 4th, however the seller has already given me a review due date of May…
Tashia Asher Tashia Asher 04/05/2016 03:23 Answered Public 4 comments Read more
Company rank of reviewer  Are the companies able to still rank me after I have archived promotion in my "reviews" section
Yvette Eapinoza Yvette Eapinoza 04/04/2016 11:32 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
No Facebook  What if I don't have Facebook? I'm not planning on signing up either
Tamela Jaeger Tamela Jaeger 03/30/2016 15:19 Solved Public 3 comments Read more
HELP I accidentally put review links in wrong review  Oh man, I need some help please LOL I accidentally put the wrong product review links in a product. The product is: KOSOX 64 Pack Reusable Chalkboard Labels Waterproof Stickers Promotion and I put review links in for Stanhill *6 Pack* Stainless…
David Blair David Blair 03/28/2016 03:02 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
How do I pause a promotion?  I have a promotion that has been successful. I would like to pause it for 1 week before promoting again. How can I do that other than archiving in mid promotion and starting again next week