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Tamera Vaughan Tamera Vaughan 09/14/2016 09:15 In progress Public 2 comments Read more
Coupon code time frame  I have always gotten a coupon code the same day I am approved for it. But now I have 2 promotions I have been approved for but not received codes for? What do I do
Evelyn Lugo Evelyn Lugo 09/14/2016 18:19 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
Why aren't expired items removed from the website?  I keep seeing expired items all over the categories. For example, the Pets section is 100% all expired items? Can you please just remove these items so they don't clog up the search pages? Thanks
Evelyn Lugo Evelyn Lugo 09/14/2016 18:22 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Can you please add a price search?  Too many sellers are charging money..when our valuable reviews were supposed to be payment for the product. Can you please add a price search category..such as low to high or high to we can find the items at the price point we can afford? Other websites do…
Mark Burns Mark Burns 04/06/2016 10:46 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
UK promotions  I am in the UK. Can i get promotions
Andrew Wright Andrew Wright 09/06/2016 18:36 Answered Public 4 comments Read more
Wrong Amazon Linking  I currently live in Canada and have signed up with my Canadian Address; however, all the stores show up linked to and not
Anne Wilson Anne Wilson 09/09/2016 09:22 Planned Public 2 comments Read more
Please Make Promotions Searchable by Location  I am a Canadian Reviewer and many of the sellers don't bother to label their promotions as US-only. It would be nice if we could filter the promotion search for offers, or offers that have been verified to ship to Canada
Paol Livian Paol Livian 09/08/2016 08:14 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
I am in Italy  Hi, I'm in Italy I can use your site to require products to be tested
Jason Heap Jason Heap 09/08/2016 02:49 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
Europe giveaways  Hi there, I just signed my business up with you. I sell solely in Europe at the moment. There isn't much indication on how to make promotions for the European market places. I don't want to pay money until I know that I can create promotions for Europe. Can you please let me know…
Tammy White Tammy White 09/07/2016 17:09 In progress Public 5 comments Read more
I just had a review rejected.  When I clicked on the link to find out what might be the problem, all the info was the same on what to put in a review and what not to put. But right in the middle it says, "who may post a review", now this part is the only new part of that, it says now, "A customer…
Tammy White Tammy White 09/07/2016 03:07 Solved Public 2 comments Read more
Need to remove a review from wrong area  I was reviewing a mouse removal device and a wireless mouse and confused the two. This is where the review is on this items' page Reference ID: u6l8v3y4. (This the wrong review for this page) I will put the correct one there when this is removed. Thanks and…
Tammy White Tammy White 09/06/2016 12:44 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
I want to give credit where credit is due...  For a short time I reviewed for another company a few years ago. It was the most unhappy time! I had no support from the company in times of need or confusion. I just want to thank Paul and Miranda for their tireless effort to pull me out of the dumbest…
Tammy White Tammy White 09/04/2016 13:08 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
Need review task date moved up.  I had been trying to reach this company about not providing a working code last month for this pocket scale. Finally they sent a working code and I ordered it yesterday 9/2/2016. Delivery date is listed as 9/8/2016. Anyway, the task completed date is listed as…
Tammy White Tammy White 08/30/2016 21:19 Answered Public 6 comments Read more
Can't link to item on Amazon  I need to review this purchase but page is gone on Amazon. Thanks, Tammy W. Reference ID: y5l8a7u3
Amanda Kim Amanda Kim 09/03/2016 18:16 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Cheers! To More reviews  Great site! Love the variety and the products I've gotten have been great! Thanks so much! Also how often do you refresh/get new products
Tammy White Tammy White 08/30/2016 22:40 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
Please help me remove an Amazon review!  I am catching up like 15 reviews right now and am talking my time to be careful but I made a mistake here....Under "task" for this LED grow light Reference ID: o8h5s8u3 I have an incorrect review. I caught myself at once but did not know how to remove it…
Tammy White Tammy White 08/17/2016 18:26 Answered Public 6 comments Read more
Verified purchase question  I have noticed some of my reviews have this, "verified purchase" on it and some do not, I know all about it but there is just one thing .... On Amazon when I went to read about it, it said check the items as a verified purchase myself and if they can verify it as purchased…
Jennifer Farino Jennifer Farino 08/24/2016 13:43 Answered Public 6 comments Read more
There are two promotions that I need to be removed from  I sent messages to the sellers several times and never received replies from either. The codes never worked so I was never able to order the items. Now they are affecting my verification rating
Lisa West Evans Lisa West Evans 08/23/2016 17:29 Answered Public 4 comments Read more
Edit a review  I made a mistake, and put the wrong review information for the wrong product. Is there a way I can edit the information? The review was correct on Amazon, for the right product, I just put it for the wrong company on the giveaway site, and would like to edit it to reflect correct…
Xi Chen Xi Chen 08/20/2016 19:26 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
How to search promotion by country?  I'm Canadian and I know there's Amazon Canada promotions on here (I've found some) but I don't know how to filter it for Amazon Canada
Rich Klingler Rich Klingler 08/20/2016 06:31 Answered Public 5 comments Read more
Can't Publish Facebook Post  I Followed the instructions to the letter. My review has 438 words and I pasted the link into the review then copied the post URL from the date and entered. I liked both areas. I did it and checked it multiple times and it won't verify
Raina Collins Raina Collins 07/26/2016 15:52 Solved Public 12 comments Read more
Review issues  Wrote the review and submitted. Amazon sent the link but it goes to a "sorry can't find the page". Come to find out that they rejected my review because of the disclosure. Now I can't edit the review or write a new one. What should I do
Tammy White Tammy White 08/12/2016 15:16 Answered Public 9 comments Read more
Until I am stronger...  I saw my GP today and he said my blood pressure is not good and I am on bed rest for 7 days more. Sorry love, but here are the ref, # for the promos I need a little extra time on. I have to go copy and paste one at a time. Reference ID: u6f3s8u3 Reference ID: u6j6s8u3…
Jennifer Racut Jennifer Racut 08/12/2016 21:17 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
What happens when you don't like a product  I did not like one of my products and did a review. On my tasks they are wanting me to promote on all social media. I was wondering should I leave the social media alone due to not liking it
Bridgette Mahmood Bridgette Mahmood 08/11/2016 22:19 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Ratings for business  I have done quite a few reviews but the companies are not giving me a rating. Why is that? Also, can I change the rating I have already gave to a company? I got 9 stars out of 10 because I rated a product as average. So they rated me a 9. and all my other ratings are a 10…