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Swapnil CC Swapnil CC 08/25/2015 12:38 Solved Public 2 comments Read more
Cannot verify my review  I got product approved and when I received them ,I wrote review at However, when I tried to complete my tasks, the website show that they couldn't find the key words in my review,but I did use the key words when i wrote the reviews Here's the link…
Divyashri Satish Divyashri Satish 08/21/2015 09:37 Not a problem Public 2 comments Read more
Not able to verify my review  Hi I am trying to add my amazon review but even if it has keyword its not accepting my review... Promotion: 1Easylife Stainless Steel Lemon Zester Promotion Review link: Please help
Nadim Essa Nadim Essa 08/18/2015 03:27 Under consideration Public 4 comments Read more
Amazon UK/CA/DE etc products  I wish there was away to find the few sellers who products could be delivered internationally. I've just randomly viewed 10 items on Amazon and zero of these products deliver to the UK. I totally appreciate you're very much US centric but I'm sure some sellers are…
Paul Easton Paul Easton 02/08/2015 18:35 Answered Public 4 comments Read more
Verification  If the most wanted outcome is verified Amazon Reviews, are the results confirmed in the this system
Dima Value Dima Value 08/23/2015 23:22 Solved Public 2 comments Read more
How can I get in touch with support team?  What is giveaway service support team's email
EDee Bruns EDee Bruns 08/20/2015 20:19 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
How do we change everything that is wrong in our profile?  I added my Blog and all the information it brought up is wrong. Everything. The only thing that may be correct is the Alexa score, but since that's just a made up number from Amazon it shouldn't even be there. But how do I correct the rest of…
Judah Bergman Judah Bergman 08/19/2015 05:48 Under consideration Public 2 comments Read more
Pinterest Support  Can you add an option for businesses to request pinning our products on Pinterest? Thanks
Judah Bergman Judah Bergman 08/19/2015 06:31 Under consideration Public 2 comments Read more
Add ability to upload and easily send out one-time coupon codes  A few sites have the ability for businesses to upload one-time coupon codes and easily send them out to reviewers. It takes A LOT of time for me to copy and paste and send out unique codes to reviewers. I would greatly appreciate this…
Erika Avila Erika Avila 08/17/2015 12:36 Answered Public 4 comments Read more
I no longer have the blog that I am asked to post to  I have a new blog and have posted there about sumsonic but it is not letting me verify as it say that I have to verify on my old blog that no longer exist :( what do I do
Salisha Ali Salisha Ali 08/16/2015 14:55 Answered Public 4 comments Read more
Signing up my Amazon Account  I am a newbie to this website and would like to inquire about my social account. Amazon in particular...Would my cc information be shared? Signing in through Giveaway Service to my Amazon account would that jeopardize my account in anyway? I am a bit hesitant about…
Kristen Riley Kristen Riley 05/18/2015 09:16 Answered Public 5 comments Read more
Blog Qualifications  Does a tumblr blog not count for being able to do promotions? It says my URL is invalid and I know no one else has it
Shopaholic Forever Shopaholic Forever 08/14/2015 13:29 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
RE: First time giveaway service User from Amazon UK reviewer  Hi There, I'm a UK resident with Amazon prime, a few items I see for reviews are sold also on If accepted for a promotion would I need to leave my review on the .com site or the site? And if it says can a UK…
Bobbie Negron Bobbie Negron 07/07/2015 10:24 Solved Public 4 comments Read more
Product still not received, still no response from company  Audiosharp AS1217 Ultimate 3.5mm Metal Stereo Earphones (Black) pr94f6d7e04a4d452035300f18b984988c Still no response and product still not recieved. You have already set the review date back for me once, can you just remove me from this…
Sellers wanting us to pay  I was contacted by a seller today that wanted me to pay $2.99 for a product stating "It’s just because if I give free promotion code for person, then amazon algorithm doesn’t give any volume for the seller for that purchase." Is this legal and allowed
Cindy Batchelor Cindy Batchelor 08/06/2015 07:39 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
Hi I need to be removed from this campaign as I don't fit the measurements  Valdler 2015 Women Black One Piece Cutout Design Sexy Swimsuit Swimwear Bikini Promotion Thank you! Cindy Batchelor
Susan Warner Susan Warner 08/02/2015 16:30 Planned Public 3 comments Read more
Home page of products  Would it be possible to put the qualifying requirements right there with the product? Ex: amazon review, blog post, twitter post etc? It is annoying to have to click an item and go to the next page, only to find out you don't meet the requirements
Dawn Soule Dawn Soule 08/04/2015 14:45 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
First timer help  I'm a little confused on how to start. I am looking to do Amazon reviews and when I click on a promotion, how do I find out if it is for Amazon or not? And the price of the item before I apply? Thanks
Natasha Stewart Natasha Stewart 08/05/2015 13:06 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
I apply for two promotions  I apply on the 4th will everyone get pick or just selected ones
Jess Goldstein Jess Goldstein 08/05/2015 18:41 Solved Public 2 comments Read more
Blog verification (Changed blog sites)  I recently changed blog sites because the site who was hosting my original blog was always down. After trying to verify my review with my new blog, Giveaway Service isn't letting me verify because it keeps defaulting to my old blog. I have added my new blog…
Stan Ring Stan Ring 08/04/2015 16:10 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
How much do I charge?  How much do the reviewers pay for my item? Amazon might look askance at $0 sales price --- a small amount seems more fair, say $5 for the $18.99 sales price item (MSRP 49.50, Amazon price 39.95, sales price 18.99). Does the reviewer get the item from FBA by purchasing it with a…
Jeri Nasci Jeri Nasci 07/31/2015 07:52 Solved Public 5 comments Read more
Amazon review link  The past few times that I have tried to post my review links here, they do not post. I make sure that they have the required "words" included in the review, yet they still do not post. I try a few times to see if the system will pick it up but is simply won't and will not post my…
Lorna Fitzhenry Lorna Fitzhenry 04/03/2015 10:19 Answered Public 5 comments Read more
How do I remove requests out that are pending?  I picked items and no longer wish to review them. How do I remove request
Scott Mokoski Scott Mokoski 07/27/2015 06:57 In progress Public 3 comments Read more
Wrong URL in Promotion  I posted a promotion that was approved but put in an incorrect URL for the Amazon reviews. Can I correct that URL
Rhonda Meadows Rhonda Meadows 07/15/2015 17:59 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
Product I received not showing up in my reviews  I received ekSel COOL Oven Gloves during the same time I received my grill mats. I have the mats showing up in my reviews and have completed it but do not have a link to complete my tasks for the oven gloves. Any idea on what I need to do I am looking…