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Cheryl Martinez Cheryl Martinez 10/07/2015 21:06 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
Never received product "HotelSpa® 7-setting Brushed Nickel Hand Shower Promotion"  It says this item was shipped on September 30th but I have not received it. Maybe the seller forgot to ship. I was not sent any coupon code to buy it myself
Sobia Saeed Sobia Saeed 10/05/2015 20:43 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Rejected every time  I got rejected every single time i applied, why? is this site even worth visiting
Shannan Glaze Shannan Glaze 10/02/2015 03:38 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
Unusable code  I was approved for a promotion but the code I recieved does not work. I tried emailing the person twice but no response
Mell Fields Mell Fields 10/02/2015 11:50 Answered Public 4 comments Read more
Promotion acceptance  I have applied for many items and have not gotten there a way I can boost my odds of receiving one to test out and review
Brooke Snider Brooke Snider 09/30/2015 19:08 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Verify Reviews  Hi, I can't find where to go to verify my review information for the sellers
Sumitra Kar Sumitra Kar 09/30/2015 10:36 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
I just joined giveaway service three days ago..having trouble with next step  I joined few days ago. I applied for the thermometer but after that what do I need to do? Do I enter my Amazon profile link in the "blog" box? I haven't got any email also. How do I purchase since I didn't get any coupon…
Summer Paul Summer Paul 09/29/2015 10:42 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
How much is the discount  Some don't specify the discount does this mean it's free with a review
Rosalie Baker Rosalie Baker 09/28/2015 12:19 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
Facebook link  I am getting this There was a problem retrieving an access token from Facebook. Please try again... I keep hitting connect but get this same code. When I log into my facebook it works fine
Jenny Gryczka Jenny Gryczka 09/26/2015 08:53 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Item received but not authorised on my review page  Hi there. I received some labels but it says my application is still pending therefore I can not submit my reviews. can you please tell me what I need to do to complete my reviews. the link is below…
Elizabeth Morales Elizabeth Morales 09/26/2015 11:05 Answered Public 5 comments Read more
I made a mistake. How do I correct it?  I accidentally posted the link to my amazon profile. Instead of the review link. How do I correct that
Patty Schu Patty Schu 09/25/2015 21:01 Implemented Public 2 comments Read more
Message system  As a blogger, I can't tell by looking at my messages which product they are referring to! Some are sending me promo codes for Amazon and I don't even know what product it is for! Can we please get an RE: line on our messages
Milanie Le Milanie Le 09/26/2015 07:20 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Thank you!  This website is definitely amazing and I enjoy the opportunities of reviewing products. Thank you Giveaway
Milanie Le Milanie Le 09/26/2015 07:23 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Zen Factory, Failed Me Twice  Twice I was approved for two of Zen Factory promotions. Both time have gone unanswered and zero items have been received. No codes ever provided. I have had zero issues with any other businesses. I just don't get why approve and not update authors on whatever the…
Santhosh Kumar Santhosh Kumar 09/15/2015 20:44 Planned Public 10 comments Read more
Explain the functions  For someone like me who wants to move from Tomoson to your service, its a tough task to understand how things work here. Applicants start posting facebook posts even before i have approved them. i am unable to see the verification percentage of applicants ( that helps me decide…
Chaim Jungreis Chaim Jungreis 09/24/2015 11:33 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Remove an approved reviewer  Hi, I have approved Bethany Stout a few days ago for my garment bag promo. they asked ti be remived please do so thanks
Denita Blevins Denita Blevins 09/22/2015 12:41 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
Rejections  Why do I not get picked for reviews
Michele Carter Michele Carter 09/23/2015 17:29 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
Can not sign into  When trying to log into via your site it is not allowing me to do so. However I can open a new tab type in and log in so I know I have correct username and password. Got any ideas? I have a review coming up and that is one of my…
Renee Hutchinson Renee Hutchinson 09/23/2015 09:09 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
Baltic Teething Necklace Review  I reviewed this product, but unable to find where to enter the review to the site
Keely Hostetter Keely Hostetter 09/21/2015 18:37 Solved Public 2 comments Read more
Promo code doesn't take price down enough  Promo code makes the item $1. The product is $8.99. So that is not free or 99% off. What do I do
Bobby Ellis Bobby Ellis 09/21/2015 12:37 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Have not been approved ( ways to increase chance )  I have applied for multiple reviews, but have not been approved for any yet. Is there a trick to getting the businesses to approve you. I have reviewed several merchandise from other sites that show on my amazon profile
Misty Lee Misty Lee 09/19/2015 15:34 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Shipping Options  What am I supposed to enter into this field, since I am not sure who or where the promotion is coming from. I am a Prime member and I don't want to pay shipping on anything if it can be helped. But obviously products from China can't use Prime so what am I to put into that field to…
Esmeralda Rosario Esmeralda Rosario 09/15/2015 08:09 Answered Public 5 comments Read more
Shipping option  What is the shipping options
Amazon will not allow hashtags  I have never encountered a review on Amazon have a mandatory hash-tag by a company. It's considered promoting and Amazon has cracked down on this activity. Nonetheless, the manufacture of the product requested it and now the review has been launched and of course the…
Alyssa Eisner Alyssa Eisner 07/07/2015 12:10 Solved Public 3 comments Read more
Can't add my blog URL  I've tried adding my Amazon profile address as my blog url. It wouldn't allow me to so I tried my Twitter and Instagram, still won't accept those. Please help