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Rene Banks Rene Banks 08/11/2017 10:02 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Newbie with questions  Do you pay the discount price to sample the products your approved for
Tammy White Tammy White 07/17/2017 10:57 Answered Public 6 comments Read more
To help out newbies...  Hi, I have been reviewing on here for over a year and the best tip I can give anyone is: Promptly review the item with pictures, if possible and ask the company to rate you here on Giveaway once you complete all task, (they don't always do this!). Second is a tip for getting…
Kathleen Colarusso Kathleen Colarusso 07/29/2017 08:26 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Stay off my face book  How dare you post this but did not give me an opportunity to have this product
Omar Omar Omar Omar 07/27/2017 04:05 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Promotion's  There are not any promotion's available
Tammy White Tammy White 07/17/2017 10:22 Solved Public 4 comments Read more
Re: Cosplay Wig approval  I got this message from a company after being approved, "Hello,I'm glad that you are interested in our products. We are a new store in the Amazon, so I would like to invite top review to give me a more professional evaluation, because the new Amazon policy on the discount…
Jenn Pope Jenn Pope 07/18/2017 18:21 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Blog verify  /How do i verify my blog? what are the correct steps
Sandra Stover Sandra Stover 11/26/2016 16:30 Answered Public 6 comments Read more
Not getting any approvals  I have been a member since 10/04/2016 and have applied for many products, but as of now, I have not been approved for any. Am I doing something wrong
Tammy White Tammy White 07/17/2017 10:23 Solved Public 1 comment Read more
Re: Cosplay Wig approval  Sorry here is the ref # Reference ID: p9f3n5r6
Auggie025 Auggie025 Auggie025 Auggie025 07/15/2017 20:54 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Expired Promotions  Why are there so many expired promotions still posted? I'm going through hundreds of items and it's a waste of time to click page after page of expired posts
Kim Williams Kim Williams 06/27/2017 14:11 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Blog? Im new here and dont know how?  How to start one??.help....where do I find info
Bridget Hopper Bridget Hopper 06/27/2017 12:29 Doesn't need an answer Public 1 comment Read more
Delete account  Please delete my account
Rachel Lindblad Rachel Lindblad 06/23/2017 12:29 Solved Public 4 comments Read more
Business asked me to purchase at fullprice and they would refund via PayPal?  This is the message I received from the Genius Paw company. I'm pretty sure this isn't allowed- what do I do? Thank you for your interest in our product Genius Paw Heavy Duty Dog Seat Belt. We will be glad to send you free…
William Mlouise William Mlouise 06/22/2017 09:06 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Passage de commande  Bonjour j'aimerais savoir comment passer la troisième étape d'une commande. Il y a demandé une promotion attendez d'être approuvé et compléter toutes les tâches mais je ne c'est pas comment passer la troisième étape quelqu un peut m'expliquer comment faire merci beaucoup
Amanda Kim Amanda Kim 10/05/2016 14:50 Answered Public 12 comments Read more
Business still wants a review  So I got contacted by one of my businesses that I got a few promo discounts from and they are telling me that I should STILL write a review for them on amazon even with the new policies in place. If I do will there be an repercussions? Or should I not
Tina Fowler Tina Fowler 06/16/2017 14:44 Solved Public 2 comments Read more
I can't copy my amazon review URL I have a snapshot of it please help  I am not sure how to copy URL please help thank you
Stacey Richardson Stacey Richardson 06/12/2017 04:50 Answered Public 5 comments Read more
Seller puaroom does not give codes as promised  When "approved" for review code on three different products, I received an email from this seller asking me to leave a question on their amazon listing before they sent me a code. I did and they never sent the code. They need to be removed from this…
Mary Mcneil Mary Mcneil 06/06/2017 06:57 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Twitter Account  I cannot get my business Twitter account to connect. It seems to only want to connect to my personal which is not the one I use for reviewing. The Twitter account I use for reviewing is and I'm unaware as to how to get this connected. Any help you…
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/26/2016 01:45 Implemented Public 18 comments Read more
Walmart reviews survey  Hello, everyone. We are conducting a small survey to find out if our businesses sell products on Walmart. If so, would you be interested in adding a Walmart review requirement to your promotion? Giveaway Service is considering implementing a new feature. Since we pride…
What is the verification percentage?  I'm not sure what this is or how to get one
Carrie Peck Carrie Peck 02/21/2017 06:11 Answered Public 3 comments Read more
Change My Profile  Is there a way to change my profile to use a different name? I am searching for a job right now and I dislike how prominently this profile displays. If not, can I delete my account and have it be removed from the site all together
Nikki Repass Nikki Repass 05/07/2017 14:02 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Promotion listed free shipping  I was approved for a promotion and I was sent the coupon code. However it was listed as free shipping and upon check out I'm being charged for shipping. What should I do to receive the shipping cost free
Trina Summer Trina Summer 04/05/2017 00:12 Doesn't need an answer Public 1 comment Read more
Are there still has 20$/month plan? we want there has some promotion on 50$/month  We want to know are there has 20$/month? we only have one product, we want to promote on this website, are there has any discount about 50$/month
GoodBulb LLC GoodBulb LLC 03/27/2017 07:46 In progress Public 6 comments Read more
Number of promotions  Hello, I currently have the gold plan which includes 10 promotions, as of right now I have 8 active and one pending but website keeps saying i'm already at 10? Please help. Thank you
Marina Castaldo Marina Castaldo 04/03/2017 08:39 Answered Public 2 comments Read more
Uk reviewer  Hello, Is there a way to know or search only promotions available for UK? Thank you