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  Location:  Saint Patersburg, 923198, RU

  Rating:  9.69

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Quick response, pleasure to work with.
Great speed jump rope. High quality and well built.
Thanks for the opportunity to try your product.
I have had no issues with this seller
Great shipping and very responsive customer service. Very good business to purchase from.
The name speed rope attracted me to get this product... its a sleek produxt.. i liked it
Fast! Love!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.
Very good product, thank you for the opportunity to test it
Thank you for the wonderful product
Excellent customer service & product
Great seller, quality product and packaging.
Thank you so much I loved the product
The product is very nice and looks like care was taken when designing and manufacturing which reflects back on how much the business cares about its product. So I think the business reps are also pretty responsive and diligent.


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