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  Location:  Vilnius, LT

  Rating:  9.76

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I loved the Baltic Amber gift set! It was so beautiful. My mother loved it. Thanks for having such a great product!
Great product. Hope to do more reviews for this company again.
I love this product so much, I also posted reviews on tumblr, Instagram, twitter and my facebook review page. Great Product, Great Company!
Very good seller. Shipped very fast and packaged well. I was pleased with my whole transaction.
Fabulous communication. I will look for future promos from this company
No problems with seller whatsoever. Would do business in the future. Thank you!
I'm shocked how quick product arrived, loved the customer service. Bravo
I have had no problems with this business and would definitely love to have future transactions with them, if the chance arises.
The product came very quickly, was packaged well; is a quality product that does what it says it will do, I loved it!
I really liked the product I received from this company and hope to try more of theirs! Thank you for choosing me to review it!!
Excellent seller, smooth transaction, great product, A+++ Thank you!!
Quick to respond but sent a message a day after it delivered asking for the review.
Easy to work with and provided a great product. Would like to work with them again.
I received the product on time and it was well packaged.
Easy to do business with. Item as described, and it arrived in excellent condition.
Love their products and service. I will look forward to future promos.
I have no reason not to give this a ten. This Item has saved me time, energy and no mess. It's also great for Osteoarthritis in the hands or any other hand arthritis for that matter. Thank you for allowing me to try your product.
I received product on time with no damage. I love this product and so do my kids because we have an excuse to buy more fruit so we can use or new knife! Thank you!
I have communicated by email with the business a few time and they always responded quickly.
Product was as described. I had no need to contact seller, but they did send me an email.
Great company and one I hope to do business with again in the future.
Wonderful product and I would certainly work with you again in the future.
Fast shipment and great product. Customer service was also great but approval process on Giveaway Service sometimes takes much longer than needed and all steps sometimes are completed by the seller.
Great business, this shipped very quickly, great product! I appreciate the opportunity to review your product!
Great company. Received order quickly. No problem with the order or code.
The product was delivered quickly and worked as expected. I did not need to contact the business for any reason.
Love my product .. Got it super fast and i use it alot because i love watermelon.
Smooth transaction. No Issues.
I never had any correspondence with this seller to be able to make any truthful comment.
Received cGoods Watermelon Knife quickly with no issues. It makes perfect half moon slices that are ready to serve and eat. The blades are not sharp so safe for the whole family to use. I will never slice open a melon again without this tool.
Great communication, great product, would highly recommend!
Excellent product, great communication and extremely fast shipping.
Very easy to deal with and very straightforward company.
Great seller! Shipping was fast!
Good seller have done business with them twice now and would definitely recommend.
Great customer service - extremely fast shipment. Packaged well and great quality - would definitely recommend!
Great business to work with - clear instructions, quality product, friendly & prompt communication.
Very nice business, very easy to work with.
Very nice business, very easy to work with.
Great product, works as described.
Great business with great products.
Great seller! I would love to do business with them again.
Very good quality product! and excellent seller!!!
Everything went as expected. No issues at all with the business/vendor
Product arrived as described. Great business.
Quick delivery, Product as promised. Thanks.
They sent me exactly what they promised, quickly and were great to work with.
Great to work with & nice product. Thank you.
Good product! Is great for the family and kids
Great product and company to review for.
Very prompt reply, and easy to keep in contact with. Thank you very much for the opportunity to test your product!
Love it, will review anything from this company.
Great to deal with. Had a problem with the product by company was quick to correct it and easy to deal with.
The product is very nice and looks like care was taken when designing and manufacturing which reflects back on how much the business cares about its product. So I think the business reps are also pretty responsive and diligent.
Thank you for choosing me to review your product. Perfect transaction.
Great product fast shipping No Problems.
Received product on time, as discribbed by seller, and undamaged. All communication between this seller was polite and professional.
Good products. Good communication with their customers.
I loved working with this business. It was a real pleasure!!
Nice easy to use product and fast shipping!
Awesome transaction. Easy to work with. Thank you A+++++
I am very pleased with my interactions with this business and will be happy to help them promote more of their products.
Thank you for the opportunity to try your products. The gift set is really nice and my boss appreciated it.
Wonderful business to do business with. I hope to work with you again.
Wonderful friendly seller! Communicates well, with NO problems. Would LOVE to buy from again in the future! :)
I love the product but I wish it was a little bigger. Nonetheless thanks for the opportunity to review it.
Absolutely flawless to work with and they make a great product which makes it even easier on a reviewer since nothing negative has to be said
Item arrived on time and just as described!
Item arrives super quick but was flimsy and hard to use with most of my melons. I would definitely do business with them again to see what other innovative and helpful products they have.
I did not interact with the business directly but they were kind in their invitation to review the product.
Honest and family-oriented company. I look forward to doing business with them again in the future.


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