What Makes a Good Author's Profile?

02/26/2016 4 comments
What Makes a Good Author-s Profile

If you would like to connect with businesses at GiveawayService.com, you need to register:



After clicking on “Register”, you will be taken to this page: https://www.giveawayservice.com/register.

You can enter all necessary data here and create your account.



Upon entering this data, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. When you open this e-mail and click on the provided link, you will be taken to “Login” page where you need to enter your E-mail address and Password, as shown in the image below.



In the image below we have provided examples how your “Dashboard” page looks like:




Upon clicking on “Profile” in the upper left corner, you will access your “Profile” page and be able to see what your profile page looks like. This is how the businesses are going to see you. If is of crucial importance to connect all social account you have, because this provides the proof of your presence on the web.

When businesses ask authors to write posts on their social networks, they are looking for someone with lots of FB friends, Twitter and Instagram followers, etc. They want your review to be read and they want it noticed by a large number of people.

In the image below, we have provided a bad example. As you can see, no social media accounts have been connected, so it’s not likely that businesses are going to cooperate with the author in question.



For an author it is of crucial importance to be highly visible and noticeable on the Internet by a large number of people. The more followers he/she has, the more businesses are interested in cooperating with him/her.

As you may have noticed, the blog URL of this author is VERIFIED. This is shown in a small green rectangle next to the link to her blog. Verifying your blog is necessary in order for us to make sure the provided blog really belongs to you and not someone else. We try to avoid violations regarding blog ownership. For further instructions, please refer to this link.

In addition, it is important to fill out information in “Account” section. This information is relevant to businesses, because the data you entered is used as shipping address. You can see this form in the images below:





If you require any more information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email.


Amanda Nicole Bankston Amanda Nicole Bankston 07/28/2017 01:23 AM
Iam a huge fan and shopper on Amazon. My entire family is as well. Iam hopeful to be selected to be able to put my reviews on amazon. One is that I find the reviews extemely important they can make or break a purchase. I want to help others in making a purchase.
Marica Berman Marica Berman 10/19/2017 16:21 PM
I have been an amazon customer since 2006. I love shopping from their site, and my family of six does as well. I love the reviews! I shop by them most of the time and they are mostly correct. I hope I get the chance to work with everyone, and I love to write honest reviews! i hope my reviews will help others make a decision on a purchase that they will be happy with!
Carla Riggs Carla Riggs 11/03/2017 04:52 AM
I absolutely LOVE ❤️ shopping on Amazon! I do at least 90% of my monthly shopping from the Amazon app. It saves me gas ⛽️. . . . . . . BUT, most of all, it saves me TIME
Steve Isenberg Steve Isenberg 11/22/2017 03:25 AM
I concur with the others -- I check Amazon for prices and reviews and check there first for items I want to buy. I've made many purchasing decisions based on the Amazon reviews, and the reviews that I've posted have been received well (as many find them helpful).

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