Reporting Bad Authors

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Reporting Bad Authors

What reasons would you report someone for:


  • Poorly written reviews, including copied text, repetitive phrases, not helpful content such as texts that are nondescript or unrelated to the product
  • Failing to leave reviews or leaving dishonest reviews
  • Any behavior which is a breach of Amazon's Terms of Service
  • Any behavior which is not in accordance with our Terms of Use
  • Any other reason you might find valid


Note: Do not write threatening e-mails to authors. Contact us first.


How to: Report Issues with Authors


If you are dealing with an author that is not acting accordingly or disregarding our Terms of Use, you can:

  1. Send us an e-mail, or
  2. Post a comment in Community Threads section.



Creating a review on Amazon is no longer an obligation, but if an author writes a review on Amazon, (s)he can share the review URL with the seller or on social media.

Giveaway Service gives you the opportunity to focus on social networks in order to boost your sales. Redirecting to social media posts or personal blog posts was affected by Amazon Update on Customer Reviews, as well as by new trends in reviewing and advertising. This is the future of marketing and engaging with customers. 

Our authors can post reviews on social media and thus spread the word about your products more successfully in comparison to traditional methods.



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