PR Trends for the Future

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PR Trends for the Future

Are you ready for what PR is now and the direction in which it is going to move? Brace yourself, because new PR is coming! Staying on top of your game will be easy with these simple and applicable rules.


Communication has constantly been evolving and we have witnessed innumerable changes from the beginnings of our existence. We have learned new ways to communicate the message quickly, efficiently and effectively. Written and oral word has been one of our most powerful tools for ages. When humans discovered that combining words and images is more powerful than using them separately, ground for successful advertising was set. Keeping up with practices that work best is crucial to doing business and PR is an important part of the process. Today, more than half a million people are professionals in PR in just the USA. Over 700 specialized agencies exist in New York, in which there is even a PR museum. All these numbers and fact serve to paint the clear image of the importance of Public Relations in the world of today. Since Gutenberg enabled mass printing machines in the 15th century, PR could easily evolve. Appearance of newspapers in the 17th century also had a vast influence on PR. In the Internet era practicing it has become even more present and effective. The definition says that PR is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization (such as a business, government agency, or a nonprofit organization) and the public. This clearly proves that PR is closely related to marketing and vice versa.

PR Today

There is no more traditional press. Experts agree that distributing information in the traditional way is no longer bankable. If you try to advertise your product by distributing traditional press releases, you can put a lock on your business right now. This is the practice of the past and you as a businessperson need to adapt ASAP. Embracing and implementing new PR techniques will do wonders for your business. You can read some of the most billable methods below:



Following this 3-step routine is a Bible of modern PR. It's simple and effective. Nobody says it's easy, but, let's face it, nothing worthy ever is. So, if you're ready to commit, keep reading. In addition, there are predictions that the relationship between PR and SEO strategies.


According to John Hill, contributor of Forbes, the influencer marketing gold rush is coming. He says that this new form of marketing is impossible to stop and ignore since: "Influencer content cannot be blocked, external influencers are being created every day, and the best way to gain customer trust is by aligning with somebody they already trust." Some of the perks include being able to reach an unpredictably large amount of people, attract new customers and be in touch with your customers more directly. Everyone who visits your website or reads a review can become your customer and your promoter, both consciously and unconsciously. When you have ensured their loyalty, do not stop improving the experience. You always need to pay attention to details. It’s not going to be easy, but the benefits will be immeasurable. Once you become talked about, the benefits will start rolling in. Your loyal customers will mention in their reviews how great you are when it comes to customer support and product quality. These two aspects are the foundation of a happy customer and one happy customer can attract thousands more.

Some basic instructions for creating a good conversion funnel are shown in the image below:



Visual content is also very important. The right kind of visual content makes the difference between social media graphics and ads that convert, and others that make little or no impact. Whether you opt for creating a branded image, infographic or a video, it's important to keep in mind to make it eye-catching by choosing the right colors, sizes, and resolution. How-to's, Do's and Don'ts, lifehacks and screenshot instructions are always welcome and a great way to stay in touch with customers. This is very important, since marketing needs to be multichannel and real-time.

Dealing with Negative PR

In this day and age, everyone with internet access can potentially inflict damage to you business. If you get negative reviews that could harm your sales, you need to think fast and react faster. You may hire a PR professional to help you prevent or repair damage, but before actual damage is made, you can get in touch with the "haters". Online reputation management will be necessary. Make sure you've got that covered.

Each bad review should cause action from you as a business. Take every opportunity to let consumers know you take customer service seriously, whether a negative review has been posted or not. Interact with your customers online and have an accessible, friendly tone with them. You can host polls to ask your customers what they think of any future changes you’re planning to make. Take the results seriously.

To sum up, as a business grows, negative reviews increase, but hopefully the positive posts will outnumber them. By taking a proactive approach to your online reputation, you can ensure that even when a negative review is posted, customers will still see you as a great company. The more you pay attention to them, the more understanding they will become.

Technology is Your Ally

Nobody expects you to be a professional developer if you own a small business. However, continual development of technology can make your life easier even if it sometimes doesn't seem that way. If you are not computer savvy, you need to start learning ASAP. When you cover basic areas of computer usage in your everyday business, your live is going to get significantly easier. After that, you can enroll in some courses and learn something more specific. Make and extensive research and see what would ensure most benefit.

You, of course, cannot do all by yourself. Advances in tech, evolving publication requirements, and the expansion of online platforms are all changing how companies look for resources — and your determination to “do it all by yourself” does not seem possible any more. Most brands want to handle what they can in-house, which means they’re only hiring out to PR firms what they can’t do themselves. That’s where specialty firms that are the absolute best at what they do come into the picture and fill those holes.


PR trends are evolving quickly and you need to be completely focused in order to be ahead of the game. Make sure to remember that earned media comes first and paid amplification comes second. Everything comes into perspective when you learn that every person who attends events, scrolls through your product page, or is engaged in suggesting new ideas for your product development is now a member of your PR team. You can make everyone your PR team member. Just be careful — good PR is only guarantied by quality product and customer relationship. Good luck! 



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