Plans & Pricing

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Plans & Pricing

All our users registered until February 20th 2016 are currently under FREE LOYALTY PLAN (It includes 1 active promotion at once and up to 20 approved authors per promotion). This Plan was available until March 1st 2016.

After that, if you want to cooperate with Giveaway Service, you can choose from our subscription plans. Here they are:



For your basic demands we offer Silver Plan that was created with the desire not to bother you with unnecessary details or to trouble you with additional features which you don’t truly need. This plan offers up to 5 active promotions at once, 1 featured promotion, up to 100 approved authors per promotion, Sending bulk messages, and even Charts & Analytics. Sending bulk messages can help you save time because it shortens the tiring process of providing crucial information. This is how your business will become influential in no time! Having insight into Charts and Analytics is going to provide all necessary data regarding the development of your business, the status of your promotions, and other information crucial to doing business with Giveaway Service. This might seem like not much, but the thing is: this will be offered for only $50/mo. All you need to do is sign up, log in, subscribe and see how your small business is evolving.




If you feel that your needs might exceed the ones of our 1st offer, you might want to choose the Gold Plan. This subscription offer is our most popular package that provides you with up to 10 active promotions at once, 3 featured promotions and up to 500 approved authors per promotion. In addition, you will be able to Send bulk messages, have insight into Charts and Analytics, and even have access to Reports and Export feature that offers you to move forward in the most efficient way possible. By choosing this plan, you will be able to do so much for such a low price of $100/mo.



If you require any more information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at .


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