New Opportunities for Businesses on Giveaway Service

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New Opportunities for Businesses on Giveaway Service


Become a member and discover thousands of influential people who blog and share content socially. If you, as a business, want to cooperate with Giveaway Service, you can choose from our subscription plans. We offer three subscription packages created to meet all your demands. Ask yourself what you need and opt for the ideal subscription plan. 

You can choose between Silver and Gold plan after you read detailed explanation here. When you decide which plans suits your needs best, you can subscribe here.

NOTE: Only business should subscribe. We offer advanced features, like bulk messaging, charts, reports and exports. Subscription agreement represents a billing agreement between you and Giveaway Service. 2Checkout maintains the agreement, and you can cancel the agreement and your subscription any time by contacting us.


Discounted Price

Discounted purchase price must not be higher than 25% of the retail price. If you enter a higher price, or start asking authors to pay more then what you entered here, we will cancel the promotion and suspend your account. If you want to send your products free of charge, please enter 0.00.

The image below shows how "Update promotion details" screen looks like. After inserting your price according to the rules, click on "Save".



Search Authors by Name


We are proud to present our new filter which was designed to make managing authors for promotions significantly easier. In case you need to find authors by their name you can type it in the designated field, as shown in the image below. Click on "Apply filter" button on the right.



After applying the filter, you will be able to see the results of your search and after finishing the intended actions, you can clear the filter, as the image below shows.



New Information in "Author Details" Section

As you can see, there is new information about authors that will help you choose authors who will participate in your promotion. Our authors have detailed profiles that enable you to choose most suitable ones. In addition to reading their reviews and seeing the number of their friends, fans, and/or followers on various social networks, you can see Total reach and Average engagement stats.

Total reach will show you how many people are reached by posts these reviewers published. Average engagement will show you the average amount of people who made a comment, liked or made any other engagement after being exposed to the post by the reviewer in question. Refer to the image below to see where to look for these new stats.



Manage applicants from one easy dashboard, ship them products, and communicate with them. You will choose and approve the best authors, according to their profile pages, which you can view and analyze. This way you can decide on who is the most suitable author to review your product. By choosing authors, you are able to take part in the creative process of promotion review. These two new additions to stats can significantly influence your choice and help you estimate how many people will be reached or how many of them will engage and notice your product on social media. Read more about social media and sales here.

Removing Participants from Promotions

Businesses have the opportunity to remove authors even after approving them. This is useful because it can sometimes happen to approve authors and change your mind afterwards. Click on "Reject", as shown in the image below.

NOTE: Authors do not sometimes buy products even after getting codes for it. In case authors contact you to remove them from your promotion for that reason, you can do that now by yourself, without having to forward the issue to Giveaway Service Customer Support. Click on "Reject" after determining that the author in question has not, in fact, redeemed the code nor purchased the product. In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.



As you can see here, these two authors did not buy the product, so they can be removed from the promotion in question by clicking on "Reject" so their Verification percentage doesn't get affected by this.



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