How to Use Giveaway Service to Generate Social Buzz

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How to Use Giveaway Service to Generate Social Buzz

Here’s how to achieve significant business development:


The FREE product

Human brain is always drawn to words such as “free”, “win”, “offer”, and “discount”. Every once in a while there is that one lucky lottery winner that makes this whole machinery popular. This is how we all think. If we see people getting products for free (or at a highly discounted price), we immediately feel drawn to this opportunity without carefully considering if we actually need it not. Advertise such offers on your Facebook page, your Twitter account, and your newsletter. Most importantly, if you promote your product as an exclusive offer, more people will apply to review your products. Advertising is everything these days.


And the winner is…

…Both you and the customer! You think this is impossible? It’s not. Giveaway Service mediates this process of exchange in the most efficient way there is. Customers are satisfied because they got a product to try out and you get a substantial amount of social buzz about your products. Authors post reviews on their social media pages and we can all understand how beneficial that is, especially when reviewers have many friends/followers. Their followers will become interested in your products and your business will surely start blooming because people are more inclined to buy products made by recommended brands. This is what makes you a winner too.


Recruiting current customers 

You can talk about your product until the end of time, but people trust “normal, everyday” people’s experiences and opinions over someone who (in their eyes) will say anything to take their money. As a bonus, this method promotes brand loyalty among your current customers. You do not need to spend thousands on expensive advertisements. All you need to do is start using our services and see how to include your current customer into the conversation about your business. Your current customers will, without any direct intention, serve as a marketing platform and spark the interest in others.


Targeting your niche audience

You can find blogs, websites, and message boards on virtually any topic. When managing authors for a promotion, choose authors who have specialized in your area of manufacture, or, for example, if they are popular among audience that would be interested in your product. If you make gadgets, choose authors that are openly interested in that topic because their audience is interested in that, as well. No need to choose an author interested only in make-up, and vice versa. Try opting for reviewers that often write about products such as yours.

One advertisement will reach a group of people whose sole reason for reading the blog is to inform about that type of products. You will be able to reach an audience that's already interested in the topic and share the offer of your fantastic product with people who will listen attentively.


To conclude


Our goal is to get people talking, and this is how you’ll gain exposure through multiple impact. Once the word about your product starts spreading through all channels of social media, you’ll fully realize the purpose of this website. Our service can provide you with the opportunity to get in touch with authors and achieve what you’ve always dreamed of: full web exposure. According to Nielsen, 20% of total manufacturer revenue is spent on promotions. Using our services, this percentage will decrease significantly.



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