How to Use Features on Manage Authors for Promotion Page

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How to Use Features on Manage Authors for Promotion Page

1. You can access the page to manage authors if you click on “My Promotions” menu item in navigation.



2. Find the promotion for which you want to manage authors. Click on “Applicants” feature shown in the right column to see all authors that applied for the promotion you posted:



3. You will be taken to the page “Manage Authors for Promotion” where you can select the applicants you want and determine what applicants you want shown (All applicants, Only applied, Only approved, or Only rejected) as show in the image below.



4. You can also sort authors by:

  • Status (Applied, Approved, or Rejected)
  • Date applied
  • Date approved
  • Tasks completed
  • Facebook page likes
  • Twitter followers count
  • Instagram followers
  • URL status index
  • Prerequisites met



5. You can select various authors and choose what to do from filter With selected:

  • Approve authors: you can approve authors you have selected:



This modal dialogue will show up on your screen. All important information and directions regarding the approval of authors are shown here. Click on approve.



Under column Status, we can see APPROVED in green letters instead of APPLIED in grey.



  • You can reject authors you do not want to approve by clicking on reject authors. Their status will be changed into REJECTED in red letters.
  • The next possibility is to select certain authors and send them a message. This bulk action is done by clicking on Send Message.



Here is how this modal dialogue looks like. After completing your message, click on Send. All our messages are sent as BCC, so participants would not receive any other information than the one directed at them.



  • You need to mark products shipped when you send them to authors you had chosen to write reviews of your product.



The dialogue window that opens after clicking on Mark shipped shows a list from you can choose your preferable shipping carrier.



  • Clicking on Update coupon codes causes another modal window to open. Be careful when typing or pasting coupon codes. They are what authors need to get started with the product. After making sure you have provided the appropriate coupon codes, click on Submit.



  • The coupon code you provided will be shown in column Status:




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