How to Rate Businesses/Authors

03/07/2016 2 comments
How to Rate Businesses/Authors

Here are instructions and some pieces of advice on how and why to rate businesses/authors.


Rate authors

If you want to express your opinion about the cooperation you had with a certain author, you can rate and comment on “Manage authors for promotion” page.

The last button in section “Actions” (“Rate Author”) gives you the possibility to rate the author you collaborated with. It is considered important to provide information about a cooperation. By rating the author you can state your opinion and give all necessary information regarding your impression. The picture below shows how this popup window looks like.



You can rate authors positively or negatively according to what you had experienced. In case authors were responsible and completed the tasks fully, write about it, so other businesses can have insight into how good this author is.

However, if the experience with a certain author was dissatisfying, you can state your negative impressions, too. We kindly ask you to be polite and refrain from using bad language.



Rate businesses


After completing the tasks, you can rate businesses.

Write how successful the cooperation was, whether products arrived quickly, whether the business answered your questions, or if they participated fully and responsibly in the process. If you are satisfied, state your impressions clearly and do not hesitate to compliment the business. Why not say good things about someone who deserves it?

By rating the business, you can inform other authors about the cooperation with it. If there were some issues with the cooperation, you can state your dissatisfaction here, too. However, we kindly ask you to refrain from using profane and vulgar expressions, and we advise you to express your feelings politely and in an informative manner.

This is how to rate businesses: Go to “My reviews” page, click on “Manage tasks” button next to the promotion you want to rate the business for. After verifying your tasks you can rate the business by giving it 1-10 stars and/or writing a comment. Here is how this page looks like:




Why is rating useful?


Rating is extremely useful because it gives our users a thorough insight into the quality of business-author cooperation. We advise our users to be responsible when rating each other, because it affects the image of our users and determines whether someone else is going to do business with them or not. Help our community develop a trusted environment where the conversation continues.



If you require any more information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at .


Delete Account Delete Account 06/09/2016 12:03 PM
Every company I have done reviews for have failed to provide ratings in return. I believe that if they are provided with a quality review for their product and they have also been rated especially positively for their business then they should be required to do so in return. A lot of these reviews take time especially when there are multiple tasks per item. I am just saying that it would only be fair and courteous to do so.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 06/10/2016 05:00 AM
Dear Lindsey, we completely agree with you. Some businesses probably forget this. If you want to, you can send messages to businesses you have cooperated with and ask them to rate you. Go to “My Reviews” page and click on “Send message” button you can see on the right from the promotion. Kind regards, Miranda, Giveaway Service Rep.

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