How to Overcome Negative Reviews on Social Networks

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How to Overcome Negative Reviews on Social Networks

Build a Strong Online Presence

Having a strong online presence is one crucial step in being appreciated in the modern world. In case you exercise this positive approach, you will surely engage lots of potential customers by offering them a substantial amount of information about your business.

After your customers fail to reach you privately, they are surely going to start making their comments public. If you keep all channels of communication open, you will be able to identify an unhappy customer sooner than negative comments hit the web. Never ignore their requests to start a conversation.


Respond Privately

In case a negative comment appears publicly, you should start a private communication with the dissatisfied customer/reviewer. Send a direct message to the complaining customer and make it clear you're taking the issue seriously. Get the information you need to research the matter and offer a resolution.

It’s helpful to realize that sometimes nothing you do can make a dissatisfied reviewer change their mind. Moreover, some reviewers can be very revengeful when it comes to being disappointed by the product. It’s important to recognize when you’ve done all that you can do and shift your focus to satisfying future customers. However, most customers are reasonable people who just want to express their unbiased opinion and this kind of reviews is what we at Giveaway Service encourage. We advise all our members to refrain from using bad language and vulgarities.


Monitor Mentions

A lot can be accomplished by monitoring mentions of your brand on social media. There are numerous tools available that will send you alerts whenever your business is mentioned, but you can take it beyond simply watching for posts about you. Set your mentions up to alert you when other business in your industry are mentioned and use it as a chance to keep an eye on the competition.

This can help you when you notice a dissatisfied customer. If someone mentions you in a negative context, try making a small gesture of compensation. Anything you can offer (sending apologetic messages, greeting cards, cookie baskets, etc.) will have a positive effect on the development of your business, because sometimes, reviewers can turn a negative experience into an extremely positive boost. Just treat them respectfully and show care and patience. If you’re willing to participate in the conversation, nothing is inaccessible and unachievable.


Show Willingness to Improve

Each bad review should cause action from you as a business. Take every opportunity to let consumers know you take customer service seriously, whether a negative review has been posted or not. Interact with your customers online and have an accessible, friendly tone with them. You can host polls to ask your customers what they think of any future changes you’re planning to make. Take the results seriously.

To sum up, as a business grows, negative reviews increase, but hopefully the positive posts will outnumber them. By taking a proactive approach to your online reputation, you can ensure that even when a negative review is posted, customers will still see you as a great company. The more you pay attention to them, the more understanding they will become.


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