How to Manage Authors for Promotions

02/12/2016 2 comments
How to Manage Authors for Promotions

Once you’ve created a promotion, you need to select authors you consider desirable for it. You will choose and approve the most suitable authors, and you will send them products. The authors have got their profile pages, which you can check and analyze. This way you can decide on who is the most suitable author to review your product. There are many factors which can influence your decision and we at Giveaway Service have decided to help you make this process of selection as fast and efficient as possible. Here are some of the most useful methods for the selection of authors:


1. You can access the page to manage authors if you click “My Promotions” menu item in navigation.



2. Click on “Applicants” feature shown in the right column to see all authors that applied for the promotion you posted:



3. You will be taken to the page “Manage Authors for Promotion”.

You can pay attention to factors that are important to you for the selection process such as Verification percentage, Rating,  Facebook Page fans (likes), Twitter followers, Instagram followers, visits, etc.

New stats include: Total reach and Average engagement. Total reach will show you how many people are reached by posts this reviewers published. Average engagement will show you the average amount of people who made a comment, liked or made any other engagement after being exposed to the post by the reviewer in question. Refer to the image below to see where to look for these new stats.



4. You can filter or sort authors.




You can also search them by name:


5. Next to every author's name, you can see the most important actions related to the author who has applied for the promotion. You will see available buttons only, caused by the current status of the author who applied for the promotion. Clicking on "Approve", you will accept said author. He will then receive a notification email. If you click on "Send message" you can type and send a message to him.



6. If you choose to select more authors at once, you can apply the same action to the selected authors. For example, if you select two authors, choose "Send message" from the dropdown above the table, and you will be able to type one message that will be sent to all selected persons. This is a very efficient and time-saving method of managing authors.



7. “Task report” feature allows you to have a thorough insight into the status of the task. The image below shows the possibilities. This way you can keep track of the progress made by the authors, and make sure the task had been completed which is of the utmost importance to your business progress.




8. The last button in this section (“Rate Author”) gives you the possibility to rate the author you collaborated with. It is considered important to provide information about a cooperation. By rating the author you can state your opinion and give all necessary information regarding your impression. The picture below shows how this popup window looks like.




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Tirzah Shirai Tirzah Shirai 09/27/2017 14:09 PM
This is not helpful at all. Please explain the steps to take when you are giving a discounted item in exchange for an Etsy review.
Paul Blum Paul Blum 09/27/2017 23:47 PM
Hi, You should send coupon codes to each author for your Etsy product. It should be one time use coupon code, but as I understand Etsy does not support one time coupon codes. I have found the article how people are using coupon codes on Etsy as one time use coupon codes Since these codes can be easily misused, you should be careful when choosing an author to approve.

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