How to Get Started at Giveaway Service for Businesses

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How to Get Started at Giveaway Service for Businesses

Giveaway Service is a platform where brands run promotion campaigns, work with influencers and get relevant eyeballs on their products.

Using this platform mass market brands increase their brand awareness and sales by working with influential people. Influencers monetise from their fans, followers and social media presence.


Here are the basic steps you need to know for creating and using your business account at Giveaway Service successfully. We decided to make everything pretty simple, not to bother you with unnecessary steps and to guide you through the entire process.


1. Create a free account:

Creating an account enables you to start doing business with us. All you need to do is register to start making steps in improving your business. After that, an activation link will be sent to you via email. You need to click on it in order to activate your account:


2. Login page

You will then be taken to the page to log in:


3. Add business information

This requires you to fill out a short form and provide all important information. Adding business information is a requirement, because, according to your detailed description, the authors will be able to find out about your company and your scope of work. Add information here:


4. Subscribe

In order to create a promotion, you need to subscribe first.

For further information, please refer to this link:

5. Create your first promotion

Create your promotion here: By doing this, you will start taking steps towards making your product available for reviews. You will make a short but detailed description of your product. Moreover, you will fill out all necessary information about the product you want to promote. The more information you provide, the better chance you have at promoting your product the best possible way. Here are detailed instructions about creating a promotion by using ASIN:

NOTE: Discounted purchase price must not not exceed 25% of the retail price. If you enter a higher price, or start asking authors to pay more then what you entered here, we will cancel the promotion and suspend your account. If you want to send your products free of charge, please enter 0.00.



6. Update promotion details

You will be redirected to Promotion Preview page, where you can update all promotion information, including tasks that authors must complete (write blog post, Facebook post, Twitter post, Amazon review, etc.). This part enables you to choose from a wide variety of possibilities, according to your needs and requirements. By deciding on this, you will become much closer to choosing the most suitable authors to review your product. Make sure to post a Location prerequisite (the USA, GB, CA, DE, etc.) in order to avoid going through a list of applicants that are not based at the desired location.




7. Submit your promotion for review

This step was created in order for us to make sure your requirements are in accordance with our Terms of Use. Our mission is to make uniform but original promotion pages for all our users, so we want to make sure everything goes according to the rules.



8. Wait until we approve your promotion

We will review and approve your promotion no later than 24 hours (usually in a few hours). Once we approve your promotion, the authors will ask (apply) to review your product. All promotions are manually reviewed and approved by our Support Team before they go live, so please adjust the dates accordingly. Running promotions will actually get your product “out there”, which is the most important step in engaging with the public and making profit.



9. Manage applicants

You will choose and approve authors, and you should send them free or heavily discounted products. The authors have got their profile pages, which you can check and analyze. By choosing authors, you are able to take part in the creative process of promotion.



10. Rate authors

After they complete tasks, you will be notified. After that, you can rate authors, and authors can rate you. Nothing is more important than feedback. In this day and age it is crucial to be able to provide information about a cooperation. By rating each other, you are actually closer to being widely appreciated, more popular and well-known. This will make your business grow more and more.




We sincerely hope our article was helpful and informative. We encourage you to leave a comment in the section below.


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