Facebook Blueprint Certification

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Facebook Blueprint Certification


Blueprint is a program for training brands on the best practices for advertising and marketing campaigns. The courses are organized by category so you can search and choose those that suit your needs best. You can also choose from full-on “tracks” you’d like to follow if you’re looking to learn a specific collection of skills. There are currently over 35 courses; some examples include Facebook Terminology, Direct Response Marketing and A/B Testing. The program will keep track of your progress and results. Blueprint is available in English on the desktop and mobile so long as you have a Facebook account.

Facebook has launched Learn How, an online learning center offering simplified guides to FAQs. You can read how Facebook adverts work, how to create and edit them, and other useful instructions, tips and recommendations. They point out that Facebook is different to other ways of advertising because you can get your advert to just the right people. You choose the audiences for your adverts, and can reach them at any time, on any device. It's also important to measure and track results. They have tools for that, as well. Read their tips here.

Certification Program

Facebook introduced its Blueprint e-learning platform in March 2015, and just 18 months later, Blueprint reached 1 million course enrollments. The social network also announced three additions to its Blueprint program: Blueprint Certification for digital advertisers, a partnership with the Miami Ad School and the inclusion of French and Indonesian on its list of languages.

Blueprint is a Facebook expert for learning how to use your business page the best way possible. You can watch the promotional video here. According to Facebook official page:

Blueprint [is] Facebook’s global training and certification program, designed to help businesses reach their own goals their own way. From online learning to live events to certification opportunities, Blueprint is here to help your business see its best results.


It is stated that taking a Facebook Blueprint Certification exam can take your career to the next level. They point out that, because the digital world is evolving fast, Blueprint is evolving, as well. This advanced-level program for digital advertisers — Blueprint Certification — recognizes advanced-level proficiency in Facebook’s family of products and services. If you become a Facebook Certified Professional, you will receive valuable credentials to help you further your business and career goals.

On September 13, Facebook published an article to explain the purpose and results of Blueprint Certification exam:

Whatever your role is in the advertising industry, Blueprint Certification can give you the edge you need. Blueprint Certification helps digital advertising professionals differentiate themselves in a competitive job market, provides the advertising industry with a better understanding of Facebook advertising to help maximise ROI and gives businesses a way to select and retain people with expertise in the Facebook family of products and services. Not only is Blueprint Certification the most rigorous and reliable measure of Facebook advertising competency, it's the only one officially recognised by Facebook.


You must create your Blueprint Certification profile and then choose between two certification credentials that can be earned:

  • Facebook Certified Planning Professional: 

Targeted to digital media planners, it will be available at launch. This credential is awarded to digital advertising professionals who are proficient in planning successful Facebook advertising campaigns.

  • Facebook Certified Buying Professional: 

Targeted to digital media buyers, this credential is awarded to digital advertising professionals who are proficient in creating and buying Facebook advertising for maximum campaign impact. This will be available in the coming weeks.

Finally, Facebook offered the following Blueprint statistics to SocialTimes:



As a certified professional, you will receive a digital badge which you can embed into your digital resume, Facebook page, email, or website. As Facebook’s products and services evolve, you will be given several options to demonstrate ongoing proficiency to maintain your certification status. Testing occurs every 12 months.


Everyone's learning curve is different. Some will need more time to fully get to know possibilities of Facebook for Business. This is why Blueprint and Certification exam for it are useful. They will maybe be time-consuming in the process, but will prove to be time-saving in the long run. Learning about features now will save you time in the future. You will only have to upgrade your knowledge in the years to come, but if you master the basics now, it will be significantly easier to keep up.


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