All You Need to Know about Facebook at Work

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All You Need to Know about Facebook at Work


Facebook has issued a statement that we could expect the launching of Facebook at Work around mid-October. Many people are excited and most companies are looking forward to using this new method of connecting with their coworkers for the purpose of improving work productivity and efficiency. In case you still have doubts whether to open a Facebook at Work account or not, read this article to decide easier.

How It Works

All you need to do is create an account to start connecting with your coworkers. One of the most important this is that this account is separate from your personal account but works similarly. Regardless of your position at the workplace, you can engage in the communication and contribute. You can use News Feed for updates, join groups to communicate with all people concerned with your issue, send and receive messages, be notified about relevant progress or delay.

According to Facebook at Work official page, this opportunity was created for "companies who get things done". This can be useful if you need to arrange a company meeting or a social event fast and therefore, need to inform all members of your team in a timely fashion. You can create groups to keep your team constantly up to date and on the same page. News feed shows you things that matter, as they happen so nobody will ever miss an important step in the process. There is a "Work Chat" feature to get through people you need right away. You can use this app to send messages, use voice and video calling. Find additional information here. Search feature can help you sift through messages and posts to find what you need fast.

Answers to FAQs can be found here.

What Others Say about It

More than 300 companies, including Coldwell Banker, have been testing the beta product, and others such as Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Club Med have committed to large, company-wide Facebook at Work deployments. In the meantime, it's taking feedback from its early testers to improve the product before it goes live. And many of the current customers have recurring calls with the Facebook at Work engineering team at least every other week. 




According to TechCrunch, Julien Codorniou, Facebook at Work Director, says FB @ Work will use a per seat pricing model. Companies would be charged "per monthly active user", instead of a flat rate per company. That could make it lucrative for Facebook to get every single member of a company signed up, from executives to assistants. And if the product doesn’t stick, employers won’t have to pay for empty seats.

Facebook at Work subscribers can use the product’s special “Work Feed” of posts from colleagues to exchange ideas and assume tasks. The exact price for Facebook at Work hasn’t been announced, but the 400-plus beta testers who’ve been using it for free will get a few additional months of comped subscriptions to test it out. For comparison, here are other similar platforms: Convo ($9/month), Salesforce Chatter ($15/month), and Microsoft’s Yammer ($3-$24/month).


The real issue is convincing employees its nothing to do with their personal Facebook. In this day and age, people do not like to mix their personal and professional networks and this issue represents one of the firt major obstacles for complete and willing involvement.

According to CIO's Matt Kapko, Mr Codorniou says: "When you connect people, you create a more open, more transparent workplace, and ultimately a more productive workplace." The results are to be seen.




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